Posted by: wurdygirl | April 14, 2008

But I don’t want to be a vegetarian…

Going green…it seems to be coming up a lot. So, I recently decided that I’m going to work on this in my day-to-day life.

I’d already bought energy saving light bulbs for my house to save some money on my electricity bill. I don’t use bottled water. I have a water filter and I reuse a bottle like the one on ‘The Biggest Loser’. I unplug my appliances when not in use. I do not leave my cell phone charger plugged up. I’ve insulated the house very well so that I can cut down on electricity. Now I’ve got to work on seriously recycling and not eating beef so that I don’t support the beef industry. After all, all those cows and the methane gas. Oh, wait….that’s right…I haven’t eaten beef since January. All because of a video.

I don’t know if anyone else has seen the Humane Society video that was taken at a slaughterhouse in California. It showed cows that were sick and unable to stand. I guess the law says that the fine people at the slaughterhouse are not allowed to kill a cow for meat that is sick and cannot stand on it’s own. These fine, upstanding people working at the slaughterhouse decided to continuously poke the cows with forklifts, cow prods, and to shoot water at a high intensity up one cow’s nose in order to get them to stand up.

Well, I, for one,  just want to say “thanks.” Thanks for making me cry and gag. Thanks for ruining my enjoyment of eating beef tacos and beef jerky. Thanks for looking out for our food supply by trying your best to kill a sick cow that might end up on my child’s plate. Thanks for packing it up and serving it in our public schools. Thanks for being humane to a living thing that is giving it’s life for our food. Thanks.

I haven’t been that traumatized since watching some chicken documentary on PBS. After that one, I didn’t eat chicken or eggs for almost a year. Even now, I cannot think about it too much or I can’t eat chicken.

Keep it up and I’ll soon be an angry vegetarian….until a show comes out about how we’re killing our vegetables. Perhaps I should just turn off the TV.


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