Posted by: wurdygirl | April 14, 2008

My daughter…bindi girl

So, I have this very white, red-headed daughter; age 12. Said daughter has a very good friend from Nepal. One day, my daughter got off of the school bus wearing a bindi (one of those little jewel-like things Indian women sometimes wear on their forehead). I very calmly asked her what she had on her forehead and why. She told me what it was, that she’d gotten it from her friend from Nepal, and that she liked it. What could I say?

At home, my daughter proceeded to explain to my Indian boyfriend (K) about how she loved bindis and would like more. K, being the thoughtful person that he is, calls his mother who is still in India. He asks his mother to purchase more bindis for my daughter because she likes them so much. Soooooo…future MIL brings back very ornate and beautiful bindis for my daughter when she comes back to the States.

Keep in mind that we live in a smaller city. Southern Baptists reign supreme here and there’s not much cultural diversity. We’re Episcopalian, and THAT raises some eyebrows occasionally.

So, my lovely daughter goes off to school today…wearing a bindi. I have to say that it looks pretty good on her. I’m not sure I would have had the guts to carry it off when I was her age. Fortunately, she has a good sense of who she is and what she likes; but, nevertheless, I hope she doesn’t get teased.

I dropped her off at school this morning. As she got out of the car, she saw some friends and waved. I watched her walk away and happily join her friends, who immediately crowded around her. I’m very proud of who my daughter is becoming.   


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