Posted by: wurdygirl | April 19, 2008

Salwar Kameez

K and I had a discussion last night about Indian dress. My future mother in law (MIL) who bought my daughter bindis, also had a salwar kameez made for me in my favorite colors. She spent a lot of time picking it out and I was very excited to get it. See, I already own one that I like quite well. It’s kind of rust colored with gold stamped designs all over it. The first time I wore it, I was suprised about how comfortable it was. It was like wearing pajamas! I wore it to work and got literally TONS of compliments on it. I gave out the web address where I got it too many times to mention. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see another teacher to come in with one any day.

Anyway, this whole situation brought up how K likes seeing me in Indian dress occasionally. In fact, you might say that he really likes seeing me in Indian dress occasionally. All of this brought up some things that I’m not sure we’ve ever really sat down and talked about extensively.

For instance, K always grew up picturing that he’d eventually marry an Indian woman. Never in a million years could he have anticipated me! Of course, me being who I am…white of Irish and German descent…he then at some point began to accept that he’d probably never see me dressed in Indian attire. Fortunately for him, I like dressing diffrently on occasion. Fortunately for me, he likes it a lot when I do.

I have to wonder though why he does find me in Indian clothing so attractive. He also finds me attractive in other clothing, but the reaction I get when I’m dressed in Indian clothing is different. I think it kind of touches his heart in a way. It’s something he wasn’t expecting to see. So, maybe it’s the unexpected…or maybe it’s that I like something that’s part of who he is. I’m not sure. Anyone else had any experiences like this?


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