Posted by: wurdygirl | April 24, 2008

Things that make me laugh…

I found this video on YouTube. The song is beautiful, but this guy is sooooo darn funny! This white guy is doing Bollywood!




  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA that was hilarious! The facial expressions he makes when the girl (er hand puppet) is singing cat be more true!!! Ahhhhhh I have seen one bollywood movie and yup, that was spot on what happened in several scenes hahaha

    Anyway, Kind regards 🙂

  2. You just made my night. I now will join this sight. I wonder if Michael Jackson old video lovers (my generation , born ion the 50’s)have seen anything as funny and as talented this. I’ll replay to watch he feet. I linked to you via Special Needs ,Autism,Asperger’s and similiar sites. I lost that “getting kinda sad feeling ” Thank You

  3. pKay~ I know! Sooooooo funny! I don’t even know who this guy is, but I’ve got to see if he has put out anything else 🙂

    Carol~ Do join the site…things get so interesting and funny around here! There’s actually a Bollywood version of ‘Thriller’, but I haven’t watched it. Have you seen the videos of the Filipino prisoners dancing to ‘Thriller’ and some other songs? It’s incredible!

    I’m so glad you left feeling better. The video gave me a night of laughs too 🙂

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