Posted by: wurdygirl | April 27, 2008

Weekend Review

I’ve been sooooo busy this weekend. I had to work at the hospital and then I had last minute papers to finish up for school. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to vist the new farmer’s market this weekend, because I found out that it was only open from 8am-noon on Saturday. *sigh* I was so disappointed, because I wanted to pick up some ripe tomatoes and berries, but I was still working during those hours. However, I plan to go next weekend now that I know and don’t have to work.

As some of you know from previous posts, I’m gearing up to have LapBand surgery. So, I’ve been trying to be good, get my protein in first and then my veggies, etc, etc. I also started counting Weight Watchers points again to hold myself accountable. Let’s just say that the first couple of days of this was a disaster disappointment. Fortunately, after the first 2 days I was back on track. I haven’t even used all of my daily points most days, but during the first couple I had to dip into my weekly points. That said, I’ve only used 5 of my weekly points. Sooooo, yesterday I decided to hop on the scale at work and see the results of my efforts. Ready for this…wait for it…

I gained an ounce!!!! I didn’t lose anything. I’ve even been counting my Tic Tacs!

I’m very disappointed. I lost 8 lbs in the first week the last time I did this. I think my body maybe just doesn’t know what the hell is going on and has gone into starvation mode maybe. !#&@#&@&! Oh, and I’m drinking my water too…every day. I promise.

Okay, so now that I’ve had my pity party, let me assure you that I’m going to stick with it. I know that one day I will step on the scale and see a difference. My food choices have been good and I’m getting the proper nutrition according to my nutritionist. It’s just so frustrating.

One thing that I did do this weekend was make some “pizza bites” from a recipe that I got over at ‘The World According to Eggface’ blog. I did modify it just a bit. It included eggs, spinach, nonfat ricotta cheese, and pizza sauce. I whipped these little darlings up and baked them in a mini muffin tin…voila’…”pizza bites”!

This morning I also made another recipe that I got from that same site. I made “Ricottage pancakes”. It includes nonfat cottage cheese, nonfat ricotta, 1 egg, 3 tbl of wheat flour, & a tablespoon of Jello sugar free vanilla pudding mix, dry. We topped them off with sugar free pancake syrup. YUMMMMM! These things were so good! Only 128 calories for 2 pancakes and they kept me full until well past lunchtime because they’re so high in protein.

This week is “dead week” in school…we’re all preparing for finals. I’m so glad. I’m suffering from school exhaustion. It’s always like this for me by the end of the semester. I feel like I’m finishing a marathon.

Unfortunately for the little kiddies at my school (work), we have TAKS testing all week. It’s also unfortunate for me since I can’t even turn on my computer for the day. Don’t you hate that? However, I might get to catch up on some reading once the few students I have finish their exams. All we can do is read. You know, I might even have some read aloud time for them. They’re 4th graders, but they still love it.

Anyway, I hope this week is better for me diet-wise. Also, I’m going to try to start doing a B*tchfest Wednesday so that I and others can vent their frustrations. Maybe this way, I can stay away from those darn one & half calorie breathmints that I pop everytime I’m feeling stressed.


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