Posted by: wurdygirl | May 4, 2008

Change of pace…

This weekend was very nice. I got to have some quiet time to myself. I got to visit the farmer’s market (although it was pretty cool and windy). I picked up some beautiful romaine lettuce and Noonday onions. Other than those things, it’s been a quiet and thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Something else happened this weekend that made me feel very nice. K’s parents and his uncle haven’t seen one another for a while. So, uncle decided that he would make a trip to visit…a surprise visit. Last night, K snuck away to go pick up his uncle at the airport and surprise his parents. I wish I could have been there. I hear that K’s mom was sooooooo excited and happy!

K and his family are world-class surprisers. I learned this last summer when meeting the parents. K’s mom told K to go get a box of chocoates out of the kitchen and he came back with a wrapped present. It was a gorgeous necklace and he’d bought me matching earrings too! So fun…I love nice surprises!

You know, it’s comforting to know that I’m going to be a part of a close family. It’s great that K respects his mother and father. It’s also very nice that they’ve accepted me so readily. I’m very grateful because I have read and heard some horror stories about meeting the parents. I was especially nervous being in the situation that I’m in,  but I’ve been welcomed with open arms. I feel very loved and cherished…and it’s a great change of pace.



  1. I went to the farmer market this weekend too! This one sells some Indian veggies too, so I look forward to that.
    Got some fresh green channa(chickpeas)in the pod!

    BTW, what are noonday onions?

  2. Oh and I meant to say… its lovely the relationship you are building with your stb-in-laws. And its cute, about the surprises! Sound like fun people to be around.

  3. I love farmer’s markets! I also especially like those charming, little, roadside produce stands. I like giving those people my business…and they always seem to have time to visit with you 🙂

    I didn’t really know how to explain Noonday onions, but I found this on the internet:

    Noonday, a small town south of Tyler in Smith County, Texas, has a reputation for growing the sweetest onions on earth! While that could be debated among other parts of the country which make the same claims, there is no doubt that the onion growers in the Noonday area grow some of the best onions money can buy. To be a “Noonday Onion”, it must be grown in the fertile soils within a 10 mile radius of Noonday. Every year, growers vie for the sweetest onion at the Noonday Onion Championship in May. Onions are shipped across the nation to folks who have tasted the sweet onions and only want those with the Noonday name.

    I do have to say, they’re extremely good onions. My picky child, who normally won’t eat onions, even likes these.

    You know, I feel truly blessed to have such fabulous future in-laws. It’s completely different than my first marriage. They’re a very close and loving family and so is mine. K’s mom wrote to my mom after she met me. She thanked my mom for sharing her “treasure” with them. How can you not love that?

    Our parents haven’t met each other yet, but I know my parents are really looking forward to it…and they adore K.

  4. OOOh those sound good. I would love to get my hands on some of them sometime! Is it something like vidalias?

    “Treasure” – awww, didnt that just make your heart melt?!

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