Posted by: wurdygirl | May 13, 2008

The Waiting Game

I turned my final paperwork in to the bariatric surgeon’s office yesterday. I’ve had to wait this long because the physician’s clinic has an outside company pull your files, convert them to PDF format, print them, and then mail them to you.


You must know that I have exhibited great patience with this whole waiting-on-paperwork process. Since I work at the hospital, I could have pulled up my own records and printed them off. The hospital tends to frown upon things like that and so I’ve had to restrain myself and wait…never my strong suit.


My last appointment was on April 30th and I requested the copies that day. I actually gave them until May 12th before I started pounding down their doors. Fortunately, I wound up talking to a very sympathetic lady in the medical records department who ran copies of the PDF files off for me so that I could go and pick them up right after work.


I was so excited to take the paperwork over the surgeon’s office…and a little nervous too. I mean, what if they lose it? It’ll be just that much longer of a wait. I wanted to give those papers over…really. I had a hard time letting go of them though and the insurance person in the office actually had to kind of yank them out of my hands. All I could do for a moment is stand there and giggle nervously.


After that awkward moment, I asked if she could send them that day. She kind of laughed at that and said “Err…no.” NOT very nice…after all, she’s got my life in her hands at this point. I wanted to yank the paperwork back and tell her to give me a call when she could send it off and I’d bring the paperwork over then and sit with her while she did it. I managed to contain myself though…barely. So, I just thanked her and graciously exited the office.


The long and the short of it is this: It’s out of my hands now. I can only depend on the office staff and the insurance people now. I hate that.


Updates soon…I hope.



  1. Good luck!
    It is scary to hand over important stuff like that. Workers these days seem SO careless!! Even when its very important things. Oh I can tell you stories about one accountant we had, and issues with the INS! Grrr. Why dont people do their job anymore?

    Well, hopefully everything goes smoothly for you!! Was it possible to take a photocopy of the papers they gave you and keep for yourself?

  2. Yes, I kept copies of EVERYTHING…just because that’s the kind of paranoid person I am 🙂

    Seriously though, you’re right…customer service has taken a serious downturn. I feel old when I say it, but I remember when it wasn’t like that.

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