Posted by: wurdygirl | May 19, 2008

Over the hump…I think

This is Sammy. He helped to cheer me up this weekend while I was lying in bed, feeling like Hades. Don’t be fooled, although you can see the smile on my face, I can guarantee you that it’s cold medication induced.

Anyway, I spent the weekend in bed for the most part except a few times when I got up to fix something to eat. The really fun part was making the good-for-me chicken broth…not. Anyway, the soup turned out lovely and I do think I started feeling a little better after eating it. Other than that, I existed on sugar free jello and sugar free popsicles. I also pushed lots and lots of fluids which kept me from sleeping too deeply since I had to run the the potty several times. Finally, on Sunday, I was able to sleep like the dead and I think it helped me over the hump.

I still wasn’t feeling very well at work today, but since it’s almost the end of school, I dare not miss any days. It was certainly not too bad…and I had more soup for lunch.  Also, you probably all know by now that I was approved for my surgery. Wooohooo! It was funny because they lady at the insurance company said, “Aren’t you excited?!?!” I told her that I definitely was excited, but if I voiced it, I’d be thrown into another coughing spell. She did really make my day though.

When I receive my letter in the mail, I take it to my surgeon’s office and they will schedule my surgery. I’m hoping that it will be the 2nd week of June since K will be here to take care of me. Wish us luck and I’ll keep you updated, friends!



  1. Yay!!! Thats great news.
    Well great that your surgery is approved and you are feeling better. Not so great that you were sick.

    Love the expression on your dogs face, lol. He looks so happy!
    I miss having dogs.

  2. I love my Sammy! He’s a miniature dachshund who thinks he’s a great dane. He’s got spunk and attitude and he provides me with limitless entertainment watching him play with his toys and the kids.

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