Posted by: wurdygirl | May 27, 2008

Worried Foodie

So, I got my letter from the surgeon’s office detailing some of my pre-op things to be aware of. Pre-op doctor appointment is on June 6th. I’m being banded on June 9th at 2pm. Wait…2 PM!!! OMG, how am I going to go without food for that long?!?!? I have to be on a clear liquid diet the day before and then they want me to wait until 2 pm the next day for my surgery? Crap! I can’t even have water after midnight. I don’t know how I’m going to make it. I think these people are sadists.

I’ve spent my evening planning my strategy to dealing with this. Here’s what I have so far: 1) I’m going to drown myself in Unjury Chicken Soup flavored protein powder right before midnight. 2) I might even take an Advil PM at midnight so that I can sleep in until it’s almost time to go. 3) I’ll confine myself to the bathroom and cry while other people around me eat.

I know, I know….it will all be worth it, but I’m seriously getting panicked here. I’ve never gone that long during the day without eating. In fact, if I don’t have breakfast, I get very shaky and nauseous. I really don’t now how to manage this. That said, I can have a sip of water to take any medications I need. I guess that will have to do. I’ll just pray that my nerves are so shot, I won’t want to eat.



  1. Wow, thats so soon! Must be exciting for you after waiting so long.

    Just wanted to say, be sure you arent eating anything with much sodium in it the previous day. Otherwise you will be dying of thirst and maybe slightly dehydrated.
    Unfortunately that chicken powder is very high in sodium
    I wouldnt recommend drinking that.

  2. Yep…you’re right. I didn’t even think about that 😦

    Back to the drawing board!

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