Posted by: wurdygirl | June 2, 2008

Liquid Breakfast

I started my pre-op diet (so to speak) yesterday. I had a sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast shake mixed with soy milk. It wasn’t too bad and I wasn’t too hungry as long as I stayed busy. I also had one for lunch. I’m starting to see why these things can get old very quickly. I’m not typically a person who likes sweets all that much. I’m much more of a savory type of person.

For dinner I had a chicken breast, with 1.5 cups of broccoli, and 2 teaspoons of mac & cheese. All in all, not bad. According to the Daily Plate, I only consumed 730 calories. I got my required protein in and stayed lower on the carbs (which is what makes the fatty liver that I’m trying to avoid).

Today started much the same…had my breakfast shake and was doing okay until the kids got up and started making their food. They had eggs, a piece of sausage (which I don’t even like, but smelled heavenly), & toast. Dear God…such torture!!! I was so hungry I thought I was going to cry. So, I decided to go ahead and have something to eat. I made ricotta bake. I got skim ricotta cheese, mixed with one egg and baked it for about 20 minutes. Then, I put a little bit of spaghetti sauce & mozzarella on top. Oh, my gosh…it was sooooooooo good!!! It was like having lasagna. Now, I am stuffed and my tummy isn’t feeling so well. Fortunately, I’m still well within my calorie range and ahead on my protein. I’m going to try to stick with a shake tonight, but if not, I’m having scallops and broccoli or green beans.

On a different note, I read over the past couple of days about people getting super cranky, upset, & depressed right after their weight loss surgery. From my reading, I understand it’s because you’re not able to use food to deal with your emotions anymore and all those emotions are there and have to be dealt with. I’ve even heard that anger is not uncommon because everyone else is getting to eat normally and you are not. *gulp* Poor K and kids…I’ve forwarned all of them. Let’s hope that I’m one of those pleasant people and not one of the angry ones. I guess if I am, I’ll just vent here instead of at my family.




  1. That does sound like it would be hard to deal with (being around others with food you cant eat) 😦 So much of my life seems to revolve around food(what to cook, whats healthy, whats yummy, back again to what to cook!). Sometimes I wish we didnt have to eat, or didnt enjoy eating.

    BTW, I tagged you for a 6 unspectacular things meme 😉

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