Posted by: wurdygirl | June 6, 2008

Pre-op Jitters

This morning started off very nicely. I met up with my friend at McD’s and had some coffee and chat before heading off to my pre-op appointments at the hospital and the doctor’s office. It was good that I was able to do that because it helped to relax me quite a bit. I have been dreading my pre-op appointments because I just knew they were going to find something wrong and I would have to postpone or cancel my surgery.

I’m happy to report that I passed both hospital and doctor’s office pre-op appointments with flying colors. I’ve lost another 7 lbs this week, bringing my total to 21 lbs gone. My blood pressure was 94/70 and my pulse was 70. My EKG was normal and MY LUNGS WERE CLEAR. Thank goodness! I’m still coughing a little bit and was extremely worried that they wouldn’t approve me. The nurse practitioner that I saw at the office said that unless when they get my lab results back on Monday and I’m extremely anemic (which I’m not), we’re all set for surgery as planned on Monday.

I did take up the no eating after midnight and then having to wait until 2pm with the nurse practitioner. She didn’t budge on that one. She told me that it would be okay to take a Tylenol PM right before midnight and advised me to sleep in if I could. Let’s just hope that I’ll be too distracted and nervous to think about food.

Anyway, some good news that I thought I’d share.


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