Posted by: wurdygirl | June 10, 2008

I’m Home and Banded

I arrived back home from the hospital a little after 9pm last night.

K took me to the hospital yesterday and we arrived a little before noon. They took me quickly to the pre-op area and made me put on one of those lovely gowns. After about 30 minutes the nurse came in and took my vitals and also informed us that they were running a little bit behind schedule. She said that I could probably expect to go back at 3:45 instead of my scheduled 2pm. K and I wound up watching a lot television. We watched TLC A Baby Story a couple of times and CNN the rest of the time. Eventually, the anesthesiologist and my surgeon and his assistance came in to see us. They apologized for running behind, but they assured me that they’d get to me.

So, about 5:15, they came and got me and sent K to wait in the waiting room. I don’t remember much except scooting over to the operating table and them strapping some boots to my legs that started squeezing them. After that, I woke up in the recovery room where they told me that I’d gotten a little nauseous. Everything was still very blurry…literally…at that point, but I did start coming out of the anesthesia quite nicely after I got some morphine. I think I wasn’t expecting quite that much pain at first. Things started moving pretty quickly after they gave me some sips of water. I got sent down for an upper GI series of X-rays to make sure that everything was in working order. I stayed down there about 30 minutes drinking some nasty chalky stuff and getting my “picture” taken every 10 minutes or so. Then, they took me back to the recovery room where I got dressed and went to the restroom for the nurse. My X-ray results were read and came back fine so they called K and asked him to pull the car around front. The next thing I know, I was in the car and headed home. We arrived here about 9:15ish.

I immediately came and lay down on the bed with a heating pad against my biggest and most sore incision where the port is located. I also managed to sip a few teaspoons of broth and a get down a few sips of watered down Gatorade. Everything is tasting too sweet or salty. I was up and down about every hour last night taking a sip of water, walking around, and going to the restroom. I still am very bloated from the surgical gas that they pumped me full of and K has been super sweet about rubbing my back to help me burp it out.

We’re going to get out today to go pick up some protein bullets at GNC and run a few other errands. I think the walking will help me a lot. It feels much better laying down on my side or back or up walking than it does in any other position. I’m still feeling like I did about 1,000 sit ups and am very sore. My throat is still a little scratchy from the tube as well, but overall I’m recovering nicely. I’m not filling my pain medication prescription, just making due with liquid Tylenol and Gas X.



  1. I am being banded on Tuesday. Now that you have had the band a month – looking back at the day you came home – what are you comments? Just wanted to see if looking back at this blog entry – you were still positive.

  2. Hi Lori and congratulations! This surgery is truly the best thing I could have done for myself.

    That said, the first week was pretty rough looking back. I couldn’t get liquids down very well at all. The Gatorade was too sweet for me for a while and I switched to water. That was a mistake because I wound up getting pretty dehydrated. I started feeling much better once I switched to full strength Gatorade.

    I also tried to drink some coffee one morning…my 4th or 5th day out I think. Anyway, I made it with milk and made it very weak…it didn’t agree with me at all. That turned out to be my worst day with stomach/intestinal cramps and shoulder pain. I wound up laying in bed all day on my heating pad. Nothing else helped. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the coffee or not, but I stayed away from it for another couple of weeks. I just reintroduced it and can tolerate it well now.

    Anyway, I never did fill any of my pain meds. If I had it to do over, I probably would take them just so that I wasn’t in so much discomfort. In my opinion, just concentrate on healing, getting some fluids in, and resting as much as you can the first week. Don’t forget to walk some too to help with the gas pains.

    Now I’m a little over a month out from surgery. I feel great. I’m off my blood pressure medications. I’ve lost 35lbs and 10.5 inches from my body. I could use some new clothes because mine are very baggy and don’t look good now. I’m ecstatic and I LOVE my band!

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