Posted by: wurdygirl | June 11, 2008

Gas Pains and Other Fun Stuff

I’m now 2 days post-op and am doing okay. My incisions are still pretty sore, but nothing that Tylenol and a heating pad won’t help. The worst thing has been the gas pains. They apparently fill your abdomen with some kind of gas so that the surgeon can see what they’re doing inside with the camera and other instruments. My surgeon’s assistant told me that they’d kept the trocars in for a few minutes and tried to squeeze some of the gas out so that I wouldn’t really have bad gas pains. Well, I know they tried, but it still hurts. Kumar has had to burp me like a baby sometimes by rubbing my back in a circular motion. It’s not fun, but it does work. Ahhhhh…I bet he never dreamed of something as romantic as that.

Last night was the worst I think…I hope. We had gotten out and about a couple of times yesterday so that I could walk to help with the gas and prevent blood clots. I think I might have overdone it a little bit. I also made some very runny potato soup with those dried potato flakes. It was delish, but I’m not sure my system was quite ready for it yet. I did suffer the consequences of both of those things last night. I wound up having to walk around the house to relieve some of the gas pain several times last night. I’m not sleeping all that well either simply because it’s painful to turn over or even really move. I have been getting a nap or two during the day though. I’m also still trying to get my water in, but it’s hard because I have to sip and I can only take in about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of anything at one time.

I do feel a bit more human today after taking a shower. I was supposed to wait until this evening, but decided that I couldn’t. It’s amazing how much a shower can refresh you. Hopefully, today will be the turning point where I start to feel better and better with every day that passes.



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