Posted by: wurdygirl | June 14, 2008

Buyer’s Remorse

I haven’t written for a bit simply because I have not been feeling well and my attitude has been less than positive. I’m now 5 days post-op, K has gone back to work, and I’m left fending for myself and the kids. Sounds pretty pathetic, eh?

Seriously, I am doing better. I actually woke this morning feeling very good…so good that I decided to have a cup of coffee to kind of loosen up the band. There are some people who say that when you feel really tight in the morning, have some warm liquid to help loosen the band up. Well, I tried it. I was feeling pretty good for a while, then I had a scrambled egg with a spoon of cottage cheese. I’m not sure what happened, but I started feeling VERY sick later in the middle of the grocery store. What makes it worse is that I’ve been told that my job for the next 2 weeks is NOT vomiting. Let’s just say that I did make it, but had a miserable ride home and had to go lay down on my heating pad.

I’m still having shoulder pain from the gas or irritation or whatever. It is getting better each day I think. I’ve actually figured out my soft stop sign to signal when I shouldn’t eat anymore. Lucky me, mine is burping. Today I managed to get 5 tiny bites of egg before I burped. I’m too scared to push past that because I’m afraid of the pain that overeating might bring.

I’ve also had to deal with some emotional issues related to food. Yesterday, K and the kids got Subway. It smelled sooooooooo good. I actually cried a little bit because I couldn’t have any. I have also been mourning that I can’t have a muffaletta from Jason’s Deli. The commercials that are on during the day don’t help matters at all. Sheesh…who knew there were that many pizza commercials on during the day?!?!

Okay, so now that I’ve gotten all of that out of my system, let me just say that I don’t regret my decision. Oh, I did a couple of days ago. I was wondering what in the hell I’d done to myself and was ready to go back and have it taken out. However, I’m assured that those feelings are entirely normal. The good news is that I’m down 27 lbs since the last week of May. Someone I knew actually commented that she could already tell a difference when I saw her in the store. I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks bring.


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