Posted by: wurdygirl | August 9, 2008

Indecision on a Summer Night

Some nights it’s all I can do to come up with a dinner and walking route plan. I struggled with ideas for dinner and where we were going to walk all day long. Thankfully, sometimes winging it is the way to go.

I wanted to cook something with chicken thighs tonight. There’s a guy who posts on a forum I visit that always has the best sounding food to eat…cuban chicken, chicken stew, etc. He was gracious enough to share his recipe for cuban chicken with me, but I didn’t have all of the ingredients on hand to make it tonight. So, I was back to square one. I finally just decided to go into the kitchen and throw something together. I wound up making a quite impressive, yet simple dinner that we all enjoyed and is very bandster-friendly.

I put about a cup of dry lentils and a cup of rice into a sauce pan. I then put a can of petite diced tomatoes in and added water enough to rise about 5-6 inches above the other ingredients. I also threw in some pickled jalepenos and juice, chili powder, cumin, garlic, and onion powder. I boiled it for about 30 minutes or until most of the water was absorbed and served on tortillas for the kids, in a bowl with a spoon of sour cream and a sprinkle of cheese for me. It was very good, quick, and nutritious.

After dinner, the kids and I (oh, and the dog) took a walk through the surrounding neighborhood. We couldn’t initially decide which route to take so we went a route we haven’t been before. There we noticed some beautiful, tall oak trees and ran into a friendly cat that enjoyed being petted…so long as we kept the dog away. It made for a very pleasant evening walk.

You might have also noticed that I changed designs for the blog. I kind of like it, but I’m planning on changing the picture at the top eventually. I just can’t decide which picture to use 😉


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