Posted by: wurdygirl | August 13, 2008

Walk Across Egypt

As some of you may know, I’ve been trying to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. The easiest and cheapest exercise for me is walking since I have a wide variety of locations to walk around where I live. One of the locations that I choose to traverse at times is a college right across the street from where I live. Usually, we pick a fairly sedate and relaxing route around the pond or through some of the more picturesque areas. I, in my infinite wisdom, decided that we’d take an alternate route across the campus yesterday. I’m still recovering from that decision.

It seemed like a good idea. It really did. The kids, the dog, and I were all set for our walk. We started off down one of the main roads on campus and turned onto a walkway we’d never been on before. It was then that my daughter saw a sign for a “nature trail” loop. She wanted to go. My son did not. I decided to go. I mean, it’s a nature walk. That’s good, right? It all started off okay. The trail was well defined. As we started to go deeper in, I began to think of all of those episodes of Law & Order: SVU that I’ve seen. I began to get a little nervous, not knowing where we were going and getting deeper and deeper into the woods. I probably should have turned back at that time. The trail became less defined, but there were some clear areas and we could hear traffic, so we kept going. By this time, we were getting a little tired and I was invisioning every horror movie I’d seen where people get attacked in the woods. Not a good thing. Suffice it to say that we got a little lost. The trail was no longer discernable, so we kept heading towards the sound of cars. We finally wound up on the complete opposite side of campus. We even wound up on some part of campus that I’d never seen or heard of before. There was some construction going on with gates up all around the area that I don’t think we were even supposed to be in. Luckily, we found a gap in the fence that we crawled through to get out. 

It felt like we walked across Egypt…only I think Egypt would have been nicer since it has kind of a dry heat. It felt like we had been stuck in the sweltering, humid, jungles of Panama! We looked like sweaty, dirty, refugees walking home…all uphill. I’m not kidding.

Today, the dog is still asleep. My legs feel like wet noodles and the kids visably cringed when I mentioned going on a walk tonight. The only upside is that I know for sure I was in my fat burning zone and managed to use up AT LEAST 200 calories on that walk. Despite that, I’m not taking that route ever, ever, ever again.

On a food note, I’m going to try to muster up the energy to make a new dish tonight. It’s an Indian dish called Navratan Korma. It’s a vegetarian dish that we love when we eat out, but that I’ve never tried to make. I’ll let you know how it turns out.



  1. Ohhh I love Navratan korma . I have a somewhat diet friendly recipe if yours doesn’t turn out well.

  2. Yes, I’d love to have the recipe. I tweaked my own, but I’d like to try another one. Do you have any other diet friendly Indian recipes? I’m always on the lookout for new things.

  3. sorry I didn’t realize you responed here 🙂 Do you like kidney beans? I have a Rajma curry recipe thats yummy. I’ll send it your way soon.

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