Posted by: wurdygirl | August 17, 2008

Shaving the Dog

Yes, that just about sums it up. My weekend high note ended on shaving the dog. I’ve never done that before. Ummmm….let’s just say that it was quite an adventure and that it doesn’t look THAT bad. Never mind what my neighbor thinks or that he burst into hysterical laughter at the sight. I’ve got to get a picture if the dog will ever come out from under the bed again.

Actually, we went to a christening this weekend and had a great time. I even ate a piece of cake and had a spoonful of ice cream. I also tried ranch chicken salad which is made using canned white meat chicken and light Ranch salad dressing. It’s pretty good and I made some to take to work with me this week. I was also sure I was going to be up a few pounds because of what I ate yesterday, but I woke up 2lbs lighter. Wooohooo! I’m back on the wagon today though.

Here are some pictures of us before we went to the christening:

On tonight’s menu are chicken enchiladas topped with verde sauce. I’ll take some pictures and let you know how they turn out. I’m trying a lighter recipe that will include a cilantro-like sauce.

I also am in desperate need of some protein or snack ideas. I need things that don’t have to be refrigerated, that I can keep in my classroom with me, does not need to be heated, Lap Band friendly, and will not kill my diet calorie wise. I’m pretty clueless.  Currently, I’m averaging about 1200 calories a day. Please, please, pleeeeeeeaaaasssseee….send me your ideas.



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