Posted by: wurdygirl | September 6, 2008

What’s Happening Here?

I have to tell you, this 2nd fill is really kicking me in the rear. I’ve overdone it twice and wound up paying the price for it. If the first fill didn’t enforce the Lap Band rules, then this one certainly has. I get stuck when I eat too big of bites, don’t chew enough, eat too quickly, or too much. Before this 2nd fill, I was able to do all of these things with varying degrees of ease. I could also gulp my water. I can’t do that anymore either.

I’m so thankful for these things. I was obviously not able to control my portions or eating on my own for a long periods of time. Now I have this band that helps keep me in check. Make no mistake, the Lap Band is not doing the work. It’s only a tool. I still have to make the correct choices of what to put in my mouth, but it does keep me from feeling hungry. It keeps my portions under control and allows me to eat like a normal person for once in my adult life.

These days I’m averaging about 1,000 calories and I’m starting to get more and more compliments on losing weight. I had one student who made my day when she told me that I was getting skinny. Bless that child!!! So, things are looking up. I’m steadily dropping again. I haven’t weighed myself at home recently, but my clothes are getting super loose and I’ll be going down another size very soon. (my scale is possessed…up 15lbs one morning, down 20lbs by afternoon) I’ll have to get an official weight at the school since it’s almost identical to my doctor’s scale. I’ll try to post some comparison pictures soon for my 3 month bandiversary.


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