Posted by: wurdygirl | September 28, 2008


Okay, I know…I’ve slacked off posting this week. The truth is that I don’t have a clue what to write about. We’re at a blessedly slow time in our lives right now where not much is happening, but it makes for boring posts.

The only new thing happening right now is that I’ve managed to get sucked into another television show this new season. I’m a regular watcher of Desperate Housewives, but I haven’t been excited about another show for a long time….not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer anyway. Finally a new show has come out that I love. Fringe on the Fox network. I LOVE this show!!! My children and I, being the geeks we are, actually clapped after the previews for this coming week’s episode. When was the last time you clapped for a show in the privacy of your living room?

Diet-wise, I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times, but have managed to get back on very quickly. I’m coming off one of those times now. It’s so easy to fall back into bad habits. Now I’m back to basics. I measure my food and faithfully log my food into the Daily Plate website. Fortunately, I’ve still continued losing and when I say “cheat” it’s nothing like my cheating episodes before the band. I’ve even managed to stay within my calorie limits the vast majority of the time. However, that means that I haven’t been getting the nutrients that I need all the time either.

Here’s my most recent face shot:

It was funny because I was actually getting ready for work when I took this picture. I had just got done putting on my necklace and took a good look in the mirror. I thought my face looked thinner, but I have skewed body image issues and wasn’t sure. So, I took a picture. I can finally see that my face is definitely getting slimmer. I was so excited that I wasn’t completely delusional and that I am finally beginning to see a difference.

Now I’ve run out of things to write about so I’ll leave you with this:

  Yeah, I don’t even know….


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